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SKINGENUITY® Regenerative Serum and Accelerator.

Topical combined Growth Factors to improve the appearance of skin aging

SKINGENUITY® Regenerative Serum and Accelerator were developed by physician-scientists to be the most effective anti-aging skin care system available anywhere. This fast and easy two-part system contains more active ingredients than any other product in the world. You no longer need a basketful of serums, creams, lotions, and ointments to look your best.

SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative Serum and Accelerator have been proven in several clinical studies and tests to have a dramatic effect on all the major signs of aging. There has been extensive research done on the SKINGENUITY® range and its ingredients and some of the data shows dramatic improvements in skin quality, but most importantly in the user’s perception of improvement.

The result is an improvement in the seven signs of Aging and a return to the youthful, healthy skin that we all had when we were younger.

The SKINGENUITY® Regenerative Serum and Accelerator two-part system is designed to;

  • Work on the Aging process of the skin by dramatically increasing the skin constituents that give the skin a youthful glow.
  • Help the skin deal with external damage from the sun and other day to day skin irritants.

In a recent study of 20 patients using the SKINGENUITY® Regenerative Serum and Accelerator, there was a significant improvement in the main signs of aging over a three month period;

Percentage Improvement over 3 months. Objective Measurements.

Brown Spots
Pore Size
Red Spots

Percentage Improvement over 3 months. Subjective Measurements.

Pore Size

SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative Serum and Accelerator can have a dramatic effect on your skin and significantly improve the signs of Aging.

Clinical trial experience

SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative Serum and Accelerator uses the best of current scientific knowledge to;

  • Provide the right Growth Factors that are specific and targeted to improve the signs of Aging.
  • Use the best currently available technology to ensure the Growth Factors are absorbed into the right part of the skin to work effectively.
  • Through the powerhouse of plant extracts and well-established ingredients add moisture to the skin and deal with excess antioxidants on the skin.

SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative Serum optimizes the regeneration of new skin cells. Restores the skin’s ability to improve the signs of aging by enhancing the skins own ability to restore its youthful look. An elegant serum that quickly absorbs into the skin, utilizing nanotechnology to deliver a powerhouse of physiologically balanced Growth Factors, Potent Peptides, and Protective Antioxidants, which work with the body to give the skin a youthful glow.

SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative Accelerator optimizes the effect of the Serum, by delivering additional growth factors and peptides as well as sealing in the growth factors so that they have more of a chance of being effective.

How to use SKINGENUITY® Regenerative Serum and Accelerator:

Step 1- Serum

Apply 2-3 pumps of the SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Serum to the face morning and night.

Step 2 - Accelerator

Once the SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Serum has dried apply 2-3 pumps of the SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF  Accelerator to the face. This will enhance the effect of the serum, allowing the ingredients to be absorbed and become more effective.

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