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SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Solution

SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Solution, is a highly concentrated Growth Factor Serum that can be used to enhance current aesthetic treatment. such as Microchanneling, Laser Treatment, and other invasive products.

The most common Aesthetic procedures improve the quality of the skin by causing trauma.  The body responds by trying to heal the area involving a complex process, which ultimately leads to collagen, fibrin and other proteins being produced, which improve the signs of aging on the skin.

There are of course some complications with this treatment and only lasts for a short while.  To ensure that the procedures get the best outcome a treatment can be added that reduces the potential complications while carrying on the regeneration of the skin.

SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Solution is designed to;

  • Reduce the downtime resulting from invasive procedures by helping to reduce the redness, inflammation, and pain associated with these treatments.
  • Enhance the effect of the treatment by minimizing the long-term inflammation and ensuring that the right Growth Factors are delivered to improve the quality, texture, and strength of the skin.
  • Work synergistically with SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Serum and Accelerator.

SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Solution can be used on one of the most popular Anti-Aging procedures, Microchanneling.

The healing process is launched through the production of Growth Factors which tell cells such as fibroblasts to re-grow the skin through a process called epithelialization.  This results in extra collagen and other skin components in the area of trauma, which will strengthen the skin and improve the skin texture.

SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative PolyGF Solution is best used in combination with other aesthetic procedures to:

1-Reducing the damaging long-term redness that is caused by microneedling.

Post microneedling 4 days post treatment – untreated).
4 days post treatment – treated with SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Solution.

2- Enhancing the effect of the Microchanneling.

The addition of the targeted and specific Growth Factors enhances the effect of the micro needling by ensuring that the correct messages are delivered to the right cells in the area of initial trauma to continue producing collage, fibrin and other proteins needed to improve skin aging.

SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative PolyGF Solution can also be used for other indications such as:

  • Post Laser Recovery, Inflammation after Erbium laser.
  • Derma Microneedling for acne scars.

Different needle sizes and depth produce different effects. The deeper holes are designed for use in aesthetic clinics, whereas the smaller holes can be generated from home use versions

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How to apply SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative PolyGF Solution:

SKINGENUITY® Regenerative Solution should be applied during treatment and immediately after treatment. Thereafter every 20 minutes until the 2ml roller ball bottle is empty. For other treatments, where the SKINGENUITY® Regenerative Solution cannot be applied during treatment, the application should be straight after and every 20 minutes thereafter.

SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative PolyGF Solution Ingredients:

Deionized Water, Poly GF-8, proprietary blend of 8 synthetic human growth factors, Hyaluronic acid, Dehydroacetic acid (and) benzyl alcohol (and) water.

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