The Science

A breakthrough in Skin Care

Transformational topical treatments using recombinant human Growth Factors.

The understanding of the application of topical growth factors onto the skin to provide a beneficial effect comes from years of scientific research into Bone Marrow Stem Cells, led by a team of physician-scientists that has developed the SKINGENUITY® range.

SKINGENUITY® will change the way that skin conditions are treated.

SKINGENUITY® range uses the best of all scientific disciplines, from Stem Cells to Drug Delivery, to ensure that the correct,
specific and focused Growth Factors are delivered to aid in the management of the skin condition.

Stem Cell technology has been successfully used to produce the ideal ingredients for the SKINGENUITY® range. 

Stem Cells are the cell factories of the body. They produce messages to tell other cells to ensure that the body is healthy. As we get older, these Bone Marrow Stem Cells reduce so that the body cannot regulate itself the same way that it did when it was younger.

By the age of 50, we have 1/400000 less Bone Marrow Stem Cells than at birth. 

When it comes to skin, this means that the body does not have the ability to repair itself as well.

Skin starts to lose strength as the cells that keep the skin firm are reducing in number. In other conditions, the cells that are used to repair, work imperfectly and cause common skin conditions.

To help skin conditions, the right messages need to be sent to the skin to produce more cells where there are not enough (such as Anti-Aging) or to regulate the cells that are causing the relevant condition (such as Hair Loss, Excessive Redness, Acne etc.).

This is the cornerstone of the SKINGENUITY® Technology.  The world-renowned scientists who developed the SKINGENUITY® range used their knowledge of Cell Science and Growth Factors that send the right messages to the skin, to replace or regulate the cells in the skin to produce the SKINGENUITY® range.

The specific and targeted Growth Factors delivered to the skin are;

    • Focused on the particular condition. The skin recognizes them and passes the message to the appropriate cell to aid the condition.
    • The Growth Factors are nano-encapsulated so that they can be absorbed by the skin. Most Growth Factors are too large to be absorbed by the skin1.  Therefore, they need help to be delivered to the area where they can send the messages to produce new cells.  SKINGENUITY® Growth Factors are delivered to exactly the right area to maximize their effect.
    • SKINGENUITY® Growth Factors are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation has a negative effect on the skin, causing premature aging and specific conditions such as Redness and Acne.  To ensure that SKINGENUITY® does not make the condition worse by increasing the inflammation and also aid in the management of the inflammatory conditions, all the Growth Factors have an anti-inflammatory effect.
    • SKINGENUITY® Growth Factors are all manufactured from non-human sources. Many Growth Factors are derived from Human Stem Cells.  Growth Factors made from non-human sources have the same ability to proliferate as those from human sources.  Therefore, for regulatory and cultural purposes the SKINGENUUITY®  Growth Factors are from a non-human source

According to the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD), Growth Factors are considered at the top of the pyramid for the treatment of skin1 . Independent studies and reviews have demonstrated that Growth Factors are set to change the way that skin and related conditions are treated.

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[2] The Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid: A Clinically Based Guide to Selecting Topical Skincare Products; Flor A. Mayoral MD; JDD; April 2014; Volume 13; Issue 4; PP414

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