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The scientists at SkinGen have spent many years researching the application of growth factor technology in relation to aesthetic procedures and have developed a new range of products, SKINGENUITY®

For the last twenty years there have been transformational changes in medicine, mainly due to the research and understanding in stem cells. Stem cells and the signalling molecules they produce (growth factors and cytokines) are the future of aesthetics, and offer tremendous potential.
We lose a significant part of the bodies ability to regenerate new cells as we age. This is a natural part of the ageing process and until now, there was little that could be done about it. The use of growth factors has been proven to be effective, but widespread use has not occurred due to limitations in technology.

Growth factors
Firstly, growth factors are large molecules and as they are larger than 500 Daltons, they should not be able to penetrate the skin without help. Secondly, many growth factors cause inflammation, and chronic inflammation is now thought to be a major contributor to skin ageing. Using inflammatory growth factors would only exacerbate this rather than improving it. Thirdly, growth factors do not work in isolation. No single growth factor can generate new cells, it is a complex and multifaceted process that requires the interaction of focussed and targeted growth factors.Specific conditions need specific growth factors, and it is important to understand which growth factors are needed for different aesthetic conditions. Different growth factors will be needed for skin ageing, hair restoration, vulvovaginal regeneration, etc.

SkinGen product development
The scientists at SkinGen have spent many years understanding the application of growth factor technology to aesthetic procedures and have developed a range of products that use advanced growth factor technology to help aesthetic conditions under the SkinGenuity range:

  • The growth factors used in the range are all nano-encapsualted so that they penetrate the skin.
  • The growth factors are human recombinant growth factors and are not from a human source, though they are the same as human growth factors. This means that they can be legitimally sold in the EU, but have also been chosen for their anti-inflammatory effect. Thus, all growth factors used in the SkinGenuity range are anti-inflammatory.
  • The SkinGenuity range all contain PolyGF, a unique combination of growth factors that are targeted and specific for specific conditions. The unique combination ensures that the growth factors work for the specific condition.


  • SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Serum and Accelerator are designed to deal with environmental causes of skin ageing as well as to help with the bodies lack of ability to replace the constituents of the skin that make it firm, wrinkle free and youthful looking.
  • SKINGENUITY® Regenerative PolyGF Solution is used mainly as an adjunct to microneedling. The concentrated growth factor serum is used before and after needling, and can reduce the inflammation caused by needling (and hence down time) and also enhance the effect of the needling.
  • EMPRESS MF Applicator plus SKINGENUITY®  Regenerative PolyGF Solution is a new concept to more aggressively treat ageing skin. The EMPRESS MF Applicator needles are an all in one needling treatment that gently needles the skin, while adding the powerful growth factor serum to the skin. This is for in-office use as well as a takeaway for home use.
  • SKINGENUITY® PolyGF  VR, is a combination of specific growth factors for vaginal rejuvenation. It contains ingredients that have been proven to help with recovery post laser treatment and to help with recovery from vaginal atrophy.

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